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Live free Challenge Date:  April 1, 2017

Free Live Challenges and Year Around Accessibility

Four times a year, I will dedicate 30 minutes for 11 consecutive days to leading the challenge.  You can join me live on video as I take you through the steps to resurrect or start a mediation routine. You can Download Previous Meditation Challenges that were done live and join anytime to get the newsletter..

The 11 Day Meditation Challenge
Over the years I have met many people who told me that they feel better when they practice meditation.  That statement has been consistent across all the styles of meditation to which I am familiar.   It has become evident that it isn’t difficult to get someone to understand the importance and benefits of a ‘Simple Meditation Program’.

There are more than enough scientists, physicians, and examples of well-known successfull people, who meditatite regularly. These folks voluntarily use and support meditation as a whole.

Good mental and emotional health is based in feelings of being grounded, centered and coping with stress.


All it takes is a place to stand or sit, some comfortable clothes and 5 minutes in comfortable place. It is absolutely time well spent.

The Real Issue in a Simple Meditation Program

The real issue in a Meditation Program is persistance.  Persistance is that internal force that gets you to follow through, when you are over-coming intertia, developing a new habit or simply just breaking out of procrastination.  Persistance gets you to a level, consistency keeps you there.

The Key to the Simple Meditation Program is that you do not need to change any other part of your day.  If you want to create a new habit, you will need to :

1. Keep the goal small and achievable

2. Reduce friction as much as possible

The Simple Truth is

The 11 Day Challenge doesn't focus on building Meditation Muscle. It uses Meditation as the tool to build the Persistance Muscle. Then you can use that new strength to develop and explore many area’s of yourself.

You will start changing things, from the inside out.

You will have access to a private Facebook group, Download Previous Challenges in MP3, tip and topics emailed directly to you. There will be occassional free webinars and much more. 

Why the Free Live Challenges and Downloadable Program?

There are few things more precious than our time here. The skills to cope, be creative and be better listeners is available to us through simple meditation programs. I don’t believe in wasting a minute of my time, so if I spend a small portion meditating, it is like my dad, sitting there sharpening his saw before he built a shed.  Get the tools ready.

I am absolutely sure that meditational time, personal development, self reflection time, however you may want to label it, is absolutely beneficial to our success and development.  Besides the 11 Days of audio, once a week you will be sent a meditational topic to consider as a focus.

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